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Kusiak Holsters New

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I found Kusiak Holster for my Glock 26, its quite nice.. custom fitted to my gun;)
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Pics or it didn't happen.
YUP! I agree! ;)
Hummm... looks like it happened! :rolleyes:

Bet it's comfy!
I'm a New member, just purchased a G19, Anyone ever heard of Rule of Concealment- they make custom holsters as well. They were referred to me by a buddy. Just curious if anyone knows about them.

[Rule of xxxxxxxxxxx, "Hard Use Life Support Equipment"[/url]
Hmm, lessee here... 2 posts total, this one and your own thread about... oh yeah, Rule Of xxxxxxxxxxx Holsters. And your sig line? An ad with a link to... you guessed it, Rule Of xxxxxxxxxxx Holsters.

You know what? I'd have a look. But I'm reluctant to deal with someone who thinks pretending to seek knowledge on a product they themselves know, or even make or sell is a proper way to do business. Dishonest forms of promotion get no respect from me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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