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Lone Wolf

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Today I ordered a grip plug, extended slide release and a LW glock tool for my 21 sf. This will be the first order with them and I will let all know how it goes. JR
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Sounds good, Just be careful with the extended mag release of you intend to carry the gun. I have heard reports of the holster pressing and releasing the magazine.
I have gotten excellent service from Glockmeister.
you should be fine they are a reputable co
I have a lone wolf barrel and comp and love it. I have an extended slide release and mag release on both of my glocks (must have even on EDC). I have done business with Glock Store, Glockworx and Lone Wolf, been happy with all three.
I ordered a g27 and g29 barrel from them, I ordered on a Thursday morning, it was shipped that day by USPS I got them on far top notch
I see on several sites that Lone Wolf gets a bad rap but I have found them to be outstanding to deal with. I just sent them a G22 barrel with some dummy rounds loaded with lead bullets to have the chamber and lead reamed to fit my hand loads. They did this for me for $15.00 no return shipping charge. Who else will do this for that amount and return it for free in 5 days? I purchased the barrel off of EBay for $96.00 from "Glockpolish" so for less than $125.00 I have a barrel custom chambered for long loaded lead bullets. All I needed to do to prep the barrel was to take my Dremel and some Fliz and polish the feed ramp and break all the sharp edges around the rear of the chamber which took all of 10 minutes. Now I have a G22 that will feed anything that will fit into the magazine that shoots lead as well as jacketed bullet loads and is more accurate than stock. The owner of Lone Wolf Distributing communicated with me on the barrel modification and his Brother did the work. Everyone there I spoke with was friendly and helpful, what more could you ask for? I know they still have some work to do on their aftermarket strikers but I am sure they will get it right as they seem like a company that is trying to provide a quality product and service that is still affordable to the average Joe. I have several guns fitted with KKM barrels and a few with Bar-Sto barrels but they don't shoot lead any better than the more affordable LW. As far as I am concerned they have a customer for life.
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I'm happy with their service. I received my order 2 days after it was placed.
I ordered the stainless steel guide rod for my 23 not only did I get good tech support but it arrived 2 days after purchase next will be the compensated barrel
I've ordered multiple upgrades from Lone Wolf... NEVER had any issues with them as a company or their products. Even when ordering from a third party like NDZ Performance... though I have had an instance or two where something may have shipped wrong... like I ordered an extended magazine release and received an extended slide lock, but it was nothing that wasn't resolved immediately. Heck, they even sent me a prepaid envelope to mail the slide lock back to them.
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