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Has anyone done the 3.5 trigger connector or the lone wolf compensated barrel I was thinking about getting them but was wondering if anyone has gotten these and is there actually any benefit to having them

Thanks in advance
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Other than the sights, I wouldn't mod my Glock unless I'm using it for competition. You just looking for a different feel?
yes!!! i just want a smoother firing gun all around.. less recoil smoother trigger and anything else i can do to make it better..
my local gun store owner is a glock armorer and i asked him the question a while back about the trigger connector he said don't waste your money.
I'm on the verge of installing the 3.5 lb disconnect. I hear if you smooth out the rough spots and install the 3.5 disconnect, the trigger pull will be much improved.
All my Glocks I have had over the years had the 8 lb. trigger spring and the 3.5 connector. The trigger pull is much smoother and trigger wieght is about the same as factory. My current G21 has an 11lb. spring with the 3.5 connector. I like it but I have an 8 lb. spring on the way.
Other than installing night sights, I love my Glock the way it is.
My Glocks are running a 3.5lb connectors with NY1 springs.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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