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I bought today my first glock, it is a 23 gen 4. While at the shop waiting for all the paper work I noticed that part of the slide where you pull back to load a round, wasn't dark black as the rest of the slide, but a lighter color. I pointed it out to the guy at the gunshop and asked if that was a defect, but he said oh no, I'll clean it up. He took a rag wiped it down and it seemed to look better, so I figured it just needed oil.

Today at night I was going over the pistol and noticed that where ever I put my fingers, or rub the oil off the color goes from dark black to again something lighter. I took a cotton shirt and rubbed other parts of the slide and sure enough the color goes from dark to a lighter one almost copperish looking but not quite.

Question, do I have the only slide in the world that does this, or is this a glock thing and since I'm new I'm worrying about nothing? I have had pistols before but the blue of the gun never changed color, most of my other pistols have traditional steel slides. :confused:

Any input will be appreciated!
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