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New glock owner having some issues.

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Hello all!

I just picked up a brand new glock 32 from a gun store. And it's my first glock ever! I have to say I love the way it feels etc. But I had some issues first time out that I hope you guys can help me to resolve.

First: I loaded 10 rounds into the 13 round magazine, and on the 5th round it jammed up on me. I blamed this issue on brand new gun, brand new mags and the cheap remanufactured ammo I was using. Any thoughts?

Last: well... Let's just say I don't like getting hit in the face with brass... I didn't have this issue the first time out. But I am using a different ammo but it's still cheap stuff. PPU is the brand.

Please let me know how, and if I can resolve the second issue. As I stated, I doubt my first issue was caused by anything but my cheap ammo purchase.
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I'm new to glock, but I'm pretty sure it's a gen3. All the gen4 pistols online have a different grip surface, and mine definitely looks like the old pattern. Don't get me wrong I love the handgun, I just don't like getting hit in the face with brass. The jam was a feed error, it Jammed the round between the feed ramp and the slide. That's why I believe it was the ammo I was using. Not to mention glock's reputation for flawless feeding and extraction. I just hope different ammo doesn't throw casings in my face, because it is not pleasant.
Yeah it's definitely a gen 3. Thanks for the tip. No I didn't change my grip. Most of the casings bounced off the top of my head. But I wear glasses, and 4 in a row bounced right off the glass on my left eye. It blew my mind because I have never had this happen before from any other gun. I have bought some hornady xtp's but I have yet to test them. And since .357 ammo is expensive, I refuse to blame the gun until I run some descent ammo through. And everything looked ok to me when I cleaned it. But I can't say for sure since I'm no gunsmith.
A couple of thoughts. I don't want to blame the shooter but how was your grip? Did it happen more than once? It sounds like the first few rounds went down fine. Could you have changed your grip on the 5th shot? By design and physics the brass won't come up in your face when the weapon is in the proper shooting position. If it is them I'm thinking maybe an extractor issue. If you say you were using cheap ammo then maybe something is blocking the extractor from grabbing the casing properly. Did you notice anything when you cleaned it?
Also, just to clarify, the jam was while using different ammo. Which brass did not hit me in the face or on top of the head. In fact the rest of the box cycled fine and never hit me. Which is one reason I suspect the ammo.
Thanks for all the feedback! I'm pretty sure its ammo, I just wanted to see what the glock community had to say. And see if anyone else has ever had this issue. I will try some better ammo and get back.
Just glad it's plentiful...would hate to get back into that place where we were months back when you couldn't find some ammo...
Yeah, it's nice to have ammo just laying around for my AR. But the .357 sig is hard for me to find around here. I can find the cheap stuff, but anything premium is still a little difficult. Everyone's excuse is that all the law enforcement keeps it bought up. Whether or not it's a fact I don't know. But I have saw a few NC state troopers carry .357's.
Ok, I finally got to go shoot some hornady ammo. 124gr XTP, and no brass to face. So once again it must be the ammo. I picked up another box of PPU, which is what I had the problem with. And still the same problem with that brand. I guess my glock does not like it. STUPID Serbs...
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