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New Guy from So Cal

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Hi there,
I just bought a Gen 3 G17. It was sold as a used gun, but the previous owner never put a round through it. It still has the copper colored factory grease on the slide. This is my first handgun, however I have been shooting guns for a long time. I would generally rent them at the range or go with my buddies and use theirs. Since my kids are now older, and they all know how to handle a gun, I decided it was time I get my own. I went with the recommendation of the shop owner who directed me to this one over other guns that were more expensive in his case. I feel I met an honest shop owner. Anyhow, I am looking for some advice. What is the best ammo, what holsters do you all like etc. What rounds should I put through it while I am breaking it in. Since California has really strict laws, I won't be able to pick it up till next Saturday morning. I plan to get snap caps to practice my trigger pull since I am not used to this type of trigger. So thats it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Welcome, havasubud!

The G17 is a fine choice. Reliable, accurate, easy to maintain and plenty of affordable parts available.

For a first holster, look for the Glock Sport/Combat. $15, conceals well for an OWB (Outside Waist Band) holster and will fit any non-.45 ACP/10mm Glock. Great range holster, too.

For ammo, buy whatever's cheapest for practice; I usually use the 100 round Winchester 115gr FMJ from Walmart for about $.26/round. You can find other range ammo online for ~$.20/round, just watch out for shipping charges.

For self-defence, Speer's 124gr +p and Winchester's 127gr +p+ are the most recommended. These can be found in 50-round boxes online for about $30.

One really good thing about the Glock trigger is the short reset. Practice finding that.
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Welcome aboard !!!
Welcome, you might want to look into a 3.5 # connector to help your trigger.
Welcome to thr party pal. Spend lots of time dry firing, its one of the best and cheapest ways to practice and get use to your gun.
welcome havasubud, one good tip is to place a penny on the slide as you are dry firing. THis will let you know when you are jerking the trigger more than you should. The objective is to not have the penny fall off the slide. As far as holsters, if you have the opportunity go to a gun store and try several. There are many good ones on the market but there is also one for everyones taste and wear position. It's best to get a hands on to truly know what is best for you. Leather is always but I also like security beyond a snap. I have both leather and Blackhawk Serpas for most of my carry weapons. Let us know what you came up with.
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