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New guy from South Florida

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Hey whats going on everyone, figured i would introduce myself. Names Nik from Florida. Just got out of active duty in the army reserves now. Looking to buy a Glock 19. I have done alot of research and figure it would be a good one for me. Anyone know a good website or even better a shop that can give me a good price on a G19? I'm in the military and heard some places give good prices for military members. Anyways I'm sure ill see y'all around on here.
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Welcome, Kimo1019.

G19 is an excellent all-around (carry/range/nightstand) choice. Florida Gun Exchange & Budss Gunshop are good places to start. Not sure if either offer discounts for military though.
Thanks for your service...Welcome aboard !!!
Ed's Public Safety in Atlanta...offers the LEO/Mil discount...not sure if they ship to your state...
Welcome, the G19 is probably the most popular Glock !
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