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New to guns, but why am I hearing about lots of gun owners returning glocks?

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Im new to guns and went to the gun range with my cousins husband. I shot his Glock 43 and 17. Wasn’t a fan of the 43 because of the small grip. The 17 was pretty good.
I was interested in buying a Glock but I’ve recently run into a bunch of videos where they mention a lot of gun owners are returning flocks and going for other guns.
Obviously I don’t have much reference but the Glock 17 seemed pretty good. I’m curious why a lot of people are returning their glocks.
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I’m not being funny here, but Glocks are probably the most retained guns too, because they may be the best selling gun in America.

Army Special Forces uses the Glock, instead of the SIG, because they like them. And that’s about what it comes to, its what the unit likes.
A partial truth. Army SF was denied replacing the issue pistol with a Glock. So they said, then we want a concealable, clandestine use gun... the Glock 19. The Army said OK. For this reason, any ODA has only a few Glocks. The rest of the team run Berettas or Sigs.
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I am skeptical of all the talk people are ditching Glocks. Whether true or not, I can only speak for myself- I carried, shot, and trained with Glocks exclusively for 16 years. About 6 years ago I started training on a DA/SA platform and switched over just because I liked it a lot, and I could. Switching off between DA/SA and striker gun from day to day would be an unwise practice IMHO, if not dangerous. Nevertheless, I never got rid of a single Glock. They are exceedingly tried and true: I have no motive to part with them. I even have two Gen5's that I liked enough to buy new after I switched over. In terms of carrying, there are limited circumstances in which I will put a Glock back on. Or I still may rotate it in for the EDC piece for an extended period.
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