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new to me Gen 2 G22 first time Glock!

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Hi All- just saying whats happening and didggin' th forum. Bought my G22 monday night and ws cleared- will pick up tomorrow and fire Friday afternoon for firs time ever. I wanted a kahr for ccw but seeing as i always had a spot in my heart ( or maybe a hard-on) for Glocks i knew i would regret this if i let it pass.Looks to be in great shape and not worn or ugly. My guys is a personal friend that just became an FFL and took great care of me. Anyway- I am totally stoked to get theis baby firing downrange. Thank for the site! looking forward to using it and learning more about Glocks.

PS- is the term "Teutonic Tupperware" an insult???
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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