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Enter the Kara's HoPE Raffle to win an heirloom quality, fully engraved, custom 1911 handgun from Ed Brown Products. Valued at approximately $7,000, this piece comes with a custom holster and dress belt set valued at over $1,200. There will be a maximum of 2,000 tickets sold at $40 each.

Enter here: Kara's HoPE 1911 Raffle

Kara’s HoPE is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of special needs children and their families. One of our primary focuses is on children with the life limiting brain condition known as Holoprosencephally. HPE is generally a life limiting condition where the brain has not fully developed during pregnancy. These special children do not always fit a particular medical pattern however all have needs that place tremendous stresses on their families.

Wanna help even more? Give the raffle a shout on your Facebook or Forum Page.

Copyright Ed Brown Products - Used with permission

Kara’s HoPE is a fully sponsored initiative of Inspired Life Centers, Inc. and is a tax exempt public charity under IRS code 501 (c)3. Donations to Inspired Life Centers/ Kara’s Hope may be considered tax deductible.
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