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I just purchsed a new G30 which has a rail on it and Im having a heck of a time trying to find holstes that fit it,I guess this is the first yr the glock 30 has a rail so most of the G30 holster dont seem to fit,to make matters worse I have a serius rotor cuff problem from a badly torn rotor cuff years ago which has restricted my range of motion so Ive been forced to change to a cross draw holster. Does anyone out here know of some quality holsters that would fit my perdicument, I'd prefer kydex OWB,belt,cross draw,concealed carry naturally, I'm looking for 2 actually an inexpensive one for carrying without a light source and anothe quality one to carry when using light,I also plan to be putting a Red dot scope on this in the near future so the holster should have ample clearance ontop of slide for future fitting of the scope,any help is appreciated
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