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reloads jam (well in my case), full metal bullets dont, how about hollow points? help

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i was told that glocks were notorious for jams when using reloads. it works well with "virgin full metal bullets"...anyway, i tried it for myself earlier. i tried using teflon reloads and my stock glock19 jammed almost every shot. and when i went back to using my usual full metal virgin bullets, it started jamming as well. so i had to waste almost an hour cleaning my it thoroughly after using them stupid reloads. i tried using my full metal virgin bullets again after cleaning my glock and no more malfunctions occured. i'd rather not use reloads again.

i guess you should experiment with different ammo just to be sure. you wouldnt want your gun to jam when using it for SD.

now my question is, how does hollow point bullets work with stock glock19s? sre there any horror stories about it? i guess my best bet is to try it out myself out on the's kinda expensive though.

help please! i'm new in this kind of thing.
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welcome...can't help you there, I don't use reloads...
I have no problem with hollow points in any of my Glocks.
Welcome. There is a reason Glock states in your owners manual (as do most gun makers) don't use reloads. THere are too many variables involved. Your 19 will work fine with hollow points. Stay safe.
welcome chitomirandajr, Unless it's a factory reload I have not used any. But with that said I hade never had a problem with a Glock that was an ammo problem. Shooter yes, but not ammo
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