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Should I sell my USP 45 Tactical + USP 40 Compact for Glock 21 Gen & Saiga 12 + $550?

First Time posting on here.

I recently purchased a near perfect (slight wear on barrel hood) 2005 (according to date code) USP 45 Tactical and A USP Compact 40 (Fairly Good Condition). I want to start shooting IDPA and start doing some 3 Gun competitions. I plan to use my Glock 19 Rtf2 for IDPA.

For 3-Gun Competition I want to run my Arsenal SGL-21 AK-47 and A 45 acp handgun, and A Saiga-12.

I have a current offer of $1200 for the USP 45 Tactical, and $700 for the USP 40 Compact. If I sell both, I plant to pick u the Saiga-12 (Stock Configuration) for $650 and a Glock 21 Gen 4 for $634 and have about 500+ left over.

I've mulled over it in my head for the past couple days. I need some 3rd Party Advice.

Some Factors.

I have not shot the USP 45 Tactical, I have shot the USP 40 compact and its really nice.

Weigh in and be ruthless if you need to, I am on the fence and I need to be knocked over one way or the other.

The USP Tactical is immaculate. The 40 has some wear but very minimal.
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