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showing off... what do you think? Glock 23

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Before and after shots.
I polished the barrel, pins, slide stop lever, and added a Pearce grip extension and a tactical light.
What do you think?

click pics to enlarge
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I picked up a new Smith & Wesson Micro90 LED Pistol Light for $40 on its no frills but a light is a light

Here is a pic with the slide back, sorry the lighting is poor.
I forgot that I also added a metal guide rod and aftermarket spring. much smother now

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Now all you need to do is put your white crayon in the etching on the slide!
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Really like it. Love the way the pins dress it up. What do you think about the extended slide lever? Which metal guide rod did you go with? Ive been looking over and cant decide on the Stainless or Tungsten one. Ive been looking through the Glock Store and making a wish list of my own. After working on others, I'm wanting to start dressing up my own.
It looks good. What did you use for the highlighting? I can't believe that a crayola will hold up very long.
I've never done that myself but heard it can be pretty durable.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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