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Don't know if any of you guys watch Skinny Medic's videos - great training on trauma/stop the bleed and first aid. He even has a few gun videos. If you haven't watched his videos on how to use the various tourniquets, they are well worth the time. If you don't own/carry a trauma kit on the range, you should.

SkinnyMedic - YouTube

Anyways - his kid is really sick and been in the hospital for over a week. There's a GoFundMe account but I thought I would post a link for 10% off from his Medical Gear Outfitters store Get 10% off using my discount code in case anyone wanted to throw some business his way.

If you're looking for a Trauma kit for your range bag consider this minimalist one CORE Kit | First Aid Kit Supplies | Medical Gear Outfitters | Medical Gear Outfitters

Or this small kit with a couple more items North American Rescue ROO M-FAK Kit | Medical Gear Outfitters

Regardless - get trained and be prepared.

FWIW - I have zero affiliation with Skinny Medic or Medical Gear Outfitters. I just appreciate his material.
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