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Hello everyone,
New member here. Brief background, I'm a certified Glock Armorer, State certified firearms Instructor and an NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor. I have run into an interesting issue with a co-workers Gen5 Model 19. Long story short, the pistol fell from a moving vehicle, slid and tumbled along the asphalt for unknown distance, broke off front and rear factory plastic sights, scratched and dinged up various places of the gun. Here's the serious issue, the slide lock is jammed/locked and canted at an angle and cannot be manipulated to disassemble the pistol. I have disassembled/assembled/performed maintenance hundreds of Glocks, even built quite a few from 80% frames and aftermarket slides and have never run into this before. Did Google searches, as well as a search on here and it doesn't seem anyone else has ever run into this. Trying not to chinger it up too bad, but have hit a wall on what else to do. Any thoughts anyone?
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