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I've been shooting Glock for 3-4 years (44 and then 19 G5). Purchased new G43X last week. Took to the range, and was only able to shoot 1 mag. The pain in my trigger finger was intense every time I fired. Not on the pad but next to my nail on the side. I experienced the same issue with a Walther PDP CCP. Has anyone experienced this or have suggestions to fix. Thank you in advance
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I experienced the same thing. There are two causes:
  1. Part of the recoil produces a "kick" in the trigger, & the trigger safety sticks out of the trigger, which can be painful. You can either get a 3rd party trigger shoe, or do what many of us have done: Very carefully file down the trigger safety until when pressed, it becomes flush with the trigger.
  2. The part of the finger that you show, can be pinched by the bottom of the trigger as it is released back to its original position after firing. Again, I think a new trigger shoe might work. See the Glock 43X Trigger Shoe Replacement thread.
The trigger is the worst part of the Glock design, in many ways.
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