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Trouble with Steel Cased ammo.

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Hello Everyone,
I seem to be having trouble with jamming and misfeeds when using WOLF steel cased ammo at the range. I have used TULammo which is also steel cased with no problems. This brand seems to jam every 20 or so rounds. My 19 is well lubed and clean and i have no problems firing brass. Any insight would be appreciated.

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i was told that glocks were notorious for jams when using reloads. it works well with "virgin full metal bullets"...anyway, i tried it for myself earlier. i tried using teflon reloads and my stock glock19 jammed almost every shot. and when i went back to using my usual full metal virgin bullets, it started jamming as well. so i had to waste almost an hour cleaning my it thoroughly after using them stupid reloads. i tried using my full metal virgin bullets again after cleaning my glock and no more malfunctions occured. i'd rather not use reloads again.

i guess you should experiment with different ammo just to be sure. you wouldnt want your gun to jam when using it for SD.

now my question is, how does hollow point bullets work with stock glock19s? sre there any horror stories about it? i guess my best bet is to try it out myself out on the's kinda expensive though.

help please! i'm new in this kind of thing.
I have shot reloaded MBI (military Ballistics industries) which is brass FMJ reloaded ammo without a problem. 500 rounds at a time with very minimal jams maybe 3 the whole lot and i'm very happy. I have shot the winchester ranger series (Brass) and remington golen saber (nickel) hollow points. it's a bit of a waste to shoot more than one box because it's expensive.

I would skip the steel, i shot more of it today just because i wanted to get rid of it and it's very dirty and produces a lot of muzzle flare and had more jamming problems. it's very frustrating.

i see you're from the P.I. am i, was born there.
I was told to stay away from that stuff...too dirty...
Don't shoot it. I WILL NOT shoot Wolf ammo in my AK at all. DOes the same thing it does with your 19.
I was given some wolf ammo .40 cal, My g22 has no problems with it, but it is very dirty. I would not spend my money on it though.
I won't buy that stuff either,kj4963...nasty...I won't run it at all in any of my guns...
I have shoot Brown Bear 9mm in my G23 with no problem. It's not a dirty ammo either, at least the batch I got. I have read on some other forms that people were having a problem feeding steel case ammo. I have not had that problem.
Wow...congrats on finding a decent batch...most of that stuff like that is really nasty...I know of shooters that run that stuff in their AR's...not me
I ran a few hundred rounds of Wolf in my G19 back in '09 when I couldn't find anything else. It was dirty, but the G19 didn't seem to mind :)
Glocks are so
Not a fan of wolf ammo, but it is better then nothing. My Sig 556 has never had a problem with it but it is dirty as hell.
Always seen it to be dirty...A lot of weapons won't handle it really well. You're fortunate if yours will...
Yeah that stuff is terrible, I have a 17 and it does the same. Everyone else pretty much hit it on the head.
Cheap is not always your friend...
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