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We the people CAN amend our federal constitution without the approval or protest of the congress, and there is a book that explains how! Please use this forum to update your progress, ideas, emails sent, community meetings, etc, as we begin this fight.

So what is this about? Well this is an urgent call to everyone who complains about our unconstitutional, out-of-control, liberty-violating, tyrannical federal government:

Buy Mark R. Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic. Study it; form grassroots groups; brainstorm; do anything and everything within your power to bring that beautiful shining light in Article V of our federal constitution our founding fathers gave us for the VERY times we find ourselves in NOW - the ability for the states' legislators to select delegates to attend a convention to propose amendments to our constitution.

This is your chance to do something other than complain. Who knows how long this will take but it is the only way we can arrest and reverse the monstrosity our federal government has become.

I'd suggest reading Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny" in tandem with The Liberty Amendments. You can also find Mark Levin on the radio, on iTunes, and his podcast app is in the App Store.
Please help me bewilder our legislators with a ceaseless call for them to read the book as well and to select delegates. Many of our statist legislators will laugh and do everything possible to thwart this effort, but I think a few will engage it with enthusiasm.

Start now people - I beg you.
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