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I now have what I consider to be a ton of holsters, IWB, OWB, pancake, shoulder, etc. But I have found the ideal solution for my summer appendix carry. I had been using a clipless clingy type IWB and it worked OK except for when sitting down it would ride up and upon standing I would be readusting it. I just ordered and received this week the VersaCarry. I hesitate to call it a holster, it is a plastic strip with a belt clip on one end for the outside and on the inside part that goes in your pants there is a 'Delrin' rod that goes in the muzzle and secures the weapon, and has an optional trigger guard which I use. It is hard to explain and i would suggest you view the demonstrations on U Tube or see it at Versacarry :: The Original ZeroBulk Holster.
I am sold on this ingenious way to carry your weapon and this week I have used it with jeans while riding my Harley and with dress clothes. It really is comfortable and very concealable. When it comes to holsters I believe "Less is More" and VersaCarry fits the bill.
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