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What am I ?

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I believe you are correct. I took this one in from an old boy who needed money, shame he had to sell, but glad I got first dibs on it !
I will have to get this one out to identify, as I can not remember, what it is :

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It looks like a Beretta.

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We have a winner folks !

It is a FN Hi Power with the "pimp gold" package ... lol

i got this one in a trade with a person who paid his debt with several pistols.

Hint :

9×18mm Makarov
380 ACP (9mm Short)
Walther knock offs? :LOL:
hint :

Duo caliber, originally from Soviet Union, but copied by 8 other foreign countries.

this one is a China copy.

What is it ?

It is every little boys dream ....
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Used to be a rubber band toy, now it's a long vacation from school :p
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That looks like a roasting pan, that has been used as a target,
Someone very confused about the rules of tick tack toe.
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