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What am I ?

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Read between the lines ... That is obviously a great day at the range !

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Certainly the grip emblem is a clue, this one, has a long name description.
Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum
My dad brought one of those back from Vietnam. An unapologetic yet crude reverse engineering of a 1911 but the 7.62x25 is quite a round.
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Hint, this is not the 7.62x39 model.
Ruger mini 14 with factory "LE/Government" stamped mags !
Throwing this out there for fun.

DISCLAIMER: I have alot of neat toys but this one is not in my toy box !

Automotive tire Gas Vehicle Rectangle Toy
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LOL ! yup ! and an ad that is as old as I am ! ! !
I’m glad that I don’t have to resort to that kind of garbage.
I will have to get this one out to identify, as I can not remember, what it is :

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If I'm not mistaken it's a Beretta Cheetah
Got me interested again, so I got it out and took some pics :

Air gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Trigger Air gun Material property Wood Tints and shades

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory

Revolver Air gun Trigger Shotgun Material property
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I quit posting pictures of my older guns, I was told on Glock Talk by a person that they didn’t believe that I owned one of the rifles that I put up in a picture. I of course stated that I didn’t like being called a liar and responded verbally. I was kicked off the site for insulting everyone who responded. I’m too old to really care. I deleted all of the links to the site.
I am getting old, will be 68 this year, and I really do not give a s#$% what others think, anymore ....
I am getting old, will be 68 this year, and I really do not give a s#$% what others think, anymore ....
I’m close behind you with the age, that’s why I just moved on and I’ve never looked back. glock talk doesn’t matter either way in my life. I’m the same person that I was before I joined that forum and I’m better off without it is the way I look at it. Their forum doesn’t have much relevance in my life, they need people to keep the platform alive. I’ll live a full life without them.
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