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What do you carry?

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I have been carrying Spyderco's since i was 15 years old. I have lost some and broke some of them but still my favorite. What is your favorite pocket knife?
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I have more knives than common sense but I usually carry one of my CRKT folders. ;)
I've always wanted a Spyderco. I think I'll have to add that to the "To Buy" list soon!
Spyderco's offer a lot of bang for your buck. I carry a Spyderco at work, and a Benchmade Osborne Axis the rest of the time.
Spyderco's offer a lot of bang for your buck. I carry a Spyderco at work, and a Benchmade Osborne Axis the rest of the time.
Haven't heard of the Benchmade, but it looks pretty cool!

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This is the model I'm carrying today... CRKT M-21

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Used to carry Gerbers but since it's hard/almost impossible to find one that's not made in China I've gone with the Bucks Avantage Pro 342 and 347. I prefer the full G10 handle, makes them a little easier to hold and their S30V blade holds up pretty good.
Spyderco Endura 4 GlockTalk 10th Anniversary Commemorative

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I EDC a Chris Reeve Mnandi with Snakewood scales, but I also have a rotation that I can go to if I'm bored, or doing something I don't want to expose the Mnandi to. Knives are a passion for me. I've made a few, too.
Yup me too. Nice heavy weight. You can thumb it open or flip it open. I really like the tanto blade design too. I think I got this for just under $100 at a gun show.
I have a couple of Chris Reeves Sebenzas that most often get the nod; a small classic, or a large classic with ebonywood scales.

Either that, or a Benchmade HK Axis; spear point, though, not tanto.
I have a ton of knives, fixed and folders so the left pocket carry gets some rotation but I have been carrying the same Emerson CQC 7B since the mid 90's. I got this while stationed in VA, I am on my 3rd or 4th blade, this one is from 04 ' and now that I am out, I doubt I will break anymore.
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Currently carrying a Kershaw, but also like Gerber's, Buck, Schrade, Boker, and SOG. Gonna look into the Benchmade and Spyderco. Smoky mountain knife Works is a really good site for browsing/buying.
Common ordinary camp/jack knives or Swiss army or both.
I like many of you have more knives than I know what to do with. I always have one of my Leathermans on my hip, and one in my pocket. Ive lost or broke a bunch of knives, that I basically just carry a good one that I got at a Sporting store.
At the moment im at work, so on my left (weak) side I'm carrying a Kabar Tdi knife and in my right trouser front pocket is a Spyderco Native 5 (just received it today),,,

When I'm off duty, I tend to carry a Spyderco UKPK with bright Orange G10 scales, a SAK Alox Soldier and a Leatherman Juice S2,,,

I'm a knife collector and am especially proud of my small Rick Hinderer collection,,,

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