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WTB Glock 21 magazines

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Looking for some extra Glock 21 mags any one have any for sale?

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While I myself do not have any for sale, I was picking them up at gun shows for $25 apiece. Top Gun Supply has them for $25 each too, they do charge $10 shipping though. They had them in stock earlier today.
Botach Tactical has them (10 round) for $22 with free shipping. Took me a month to get mine, and just ordered more.
This is the only place I buy my mags from. Greg is a excellent and honest person to deal with and he has VERY fast shipping.

Glock 21, 21C, 21SF factory 13 round .45 ACP magazine [G21] - $24.95 : Greg Cote, LLC
Cheaper Than Dirt usually has good prices on them.
gt distributors has them for 21.95 the more you buy the cheaper the shipping. 4 or 5 days delivery time. good to deal with.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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