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Yet another newbie

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Just ordered my first Glock yesterday and should have it in my hands Tuesday.
I ordered a G19 Gen 4, I'm moving up from a S&W Sigma SWVE9 so I'm looking forward shooting the Glock for the first time.
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Congratulations! My first Glock was a Gen3 G19. However, my wife has claimed that one as her own now. Let us know how you like it when it arrives.
Welcome and Congrats on the G19. Betcha cant be happy with just one!
Welcome from Kentucky. You will love the "Fantastic Plastic". I used to be anti Glock. After many years I broke down a got a Glock 36. It is now my primary carry gun.
welcome :cool:
Welcome and safe shooting.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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