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Zeiss Announces a $300.00 Rebate on their RF Binocular Line

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Zeiss Announces a $300.00 Rebate on their RF Binocular Line.

Yes, to start off 2012 Zeiss is starting a $300.00 Mail In Rebate on their Victory 8x45 RF, Victory 10x45 RF, Victory 8x56 RF & Victory 10x56 RF Rangefinding Binoculars.

Sometimes it is not enough to see your game clearly. Sometimes, for one shot that makes the whole hunt more memorable, you need to know the exact range to your target and how bullet drop is going to effect your placement.

What you then need are binoculars with maximum contrast and clarity, which also provide you with the exact distance to your target and holdover information based on the trajectory of your load. Discover the new Victory RF Binoculars: the world’s first binoculars with integrated laser rangefinder, premium ZEISS optics, and a sophisticated Ballistic Information System.

Victory RF Demo

Compact innovative rangefinding binoculars from Carl Zeiss
High-performance optics for unsurpassed observation
Precise Laser-Rangefinding
Ballistic Information System BIS
Laser rangefinders are increasingly essential equipment for long range hunting and a reliable shot.
Building on the successful Carl Zeiss Diarange riflescopes with built in laser rangefinders, the Victory T* RF binoculars feature very bright and powerful optics with LED displays, and their integrated BIS™ ballistic information system also delivers the information required to correct the holdover in a fraction of a second.
Additional important features include ease of use and an informative, unclutered display concept - all in an ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have on this or any other Zeiss product.
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